DeCarli Equestrian Center is a private boarding and training facility. All of our boarders and lease riders are welcome to bring in a trainer of their choice, or use one of our on site highly qualified trainers!

About Our Trainers




Gretchen Geromin, our dressage trainer here at DeCarli Equestrian Center brings a wealth of knowledge teaching students of all ages and abilities as well as horses of all breeds and abilities. With experience training, teaching, managing barns, and running shows, whatever it is you need, Gretchen will help you meet your goals. Her success is recognized with wins by both herself and her students from local levels to FEI shows. Gretchen has trained in both the United States and Britain and is certified by both the United States Dressage Federation and the British Horse Society and also has a USDF Bronze Medal. 





Danielle DeCarli, daughter of owners Daryl and Rick, is an up and coming young trainer. Danielle has competed at CHJA finals, HITS shows, and many other shows with consistent placings in the top ten in the midst of top competition all on horses that she has broke and trained herself. She takes pride in starting her horses herself and learns from top professionals along the way, turning herself and her horses into well educated partners. Danielle continues her education working with a variety of trainers and regularly showing and attending clinics.  She continues an active training and showing schedule developing herself, her horses, and her students into well educated and well rounded members of the horse community. 


Deborah Murphy, USDF Associate Instructor and Centered Riding® Instructor Level ll. Deborah is extremely enthusiastic about sharing Centered Riding techniques with students. She states that whatever your discipline, Centered Riding enhances it! Her teaching style focuses on the individual needs and goals of each rider and horse to help them progress in a enjoyable and safe way.  She is happy to work with riders of all abilities and has had great success in increasing rider confidence. Deborah is VERY positive, and has tons of patience, believing that the journey of progress, in riding and training should be fun and rewarding for all participants. Deborah utilizes dressage, Centered Riding, and techniques learned from Natural Horsemanship, Horse Agility, Horse Versatility, and any other horse or rider related training, that will help her students learn to ride with feel and have enjoyable success.   



Dee Dee Hopper, brings to her teaching 45 years of experience developing, training and evaluating horses for performance as hunters, jumpers, equitation, and event horses. She trains riders to develop and improve their own horses, specializing in young horses or rehabbing older performing horses. Dee Dee emphasizes diligent flatwork combined with jumping to produce a better horse. She is dedicated to educating for better horsemanship for the owner/rider combination. Dee Dee is an advocate for the horse and rider and her teaching methods emphasize a correct position, softness, and a harmonious relationship with your horse.