At DeCarli Equestrian Center we strive to provide top quality, professional, and personalized care for our boarders. With the barn owners living on the premises, you can rest assured that your horse is being cared for and looked after 24 hours a day.  Whether you are looking for a competitive show home, relaxing pleasure environment, or a safe place to rehab your horse, we can meet your needs.

Board includes:

  • Hay feedings out of slow feed hay nets or on the ground depending on horse/owner preference 3 times per day
  • Grain feedings with any necessary supplements 2 times per day
  • All day individual or group turnout depending on the owner's preference
  • Blanket changes, wrap removal, fly masks, fly spray, booting, etc. for turn-out/turn-in are included in board
  • 12 x 12 stall that is bright, airy, well bedded, and always has hay and fresh water
  • Individual stall fans in the summer
  • Unlimited access to the indoor and outdoor arenas, cross country jumps, trails, and hot water wash stall.  

Trainers are on the premises 7 days per week and additional services and personalized care is always available. DeCarli Equestrian Center also welcomes boarders to bring in their own trainers.

Full board is $850 per month for a stall in the main barns attached to the indoor, $825 per month for a detached stall with an attached run-out, or $800 per month for a detached stall with a window.

Semi-Rough board starts at $550 per month. Owners provide hay, grain, and shavings, our staff will clean the stalls, feed, turn-out and turn-in. Boarders still enjoy unlimited access to all of the facilities, care, and services we offer!

Partial Training Board (2-3 rides per week) $1050 per month

Full Training Board (5-6 rides per week) $1300 per month

Email for more information.